Working on my entry for the “World’s Worst Mother” Award.

Last night?  Let my three-month-old taste applesauce.

Clearly I am going to parenting hell.

Posted by on 11/19 at 09:42 PM
  1. Oh the HORROR.

    So, did he like it?

    Posted by caltechgirl  on  11/20  at  04:04 PM  from 
  2. Ha.

    I let Jesse have a sip of my Fresca the other day because was watching me so intently when I drank from my cup. He shuddered and acted like he hated it and then after a few more seconds reached out for more. Second sip got the same shudder and frown and more reaching.

    I should just put the flat stuff in a sippy and be done with it. =)

    Posted by jen  on  11/21  at  05:16 PM  from  Northern Virginia
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