Why I’m reluctant to tell people when, exactly, this baby is scheduled to be evicted.

It’s not because I’m a bitch.  Really, I swear it.

It’s because like any elective--meaning non-emergency--surgery, the damned things are subject to schedule changes all the way up to the first incision.  We moved the date yesterday, and there’s no guarantee that it won’t get moved again.  Or, for that matter, no guarantee that baby won’t demand out before then.  About all I can say about it with any confidence is that since I’m on blood pressure meds, they’ll start getting really, really itchy to get it done when I hit my due date.  Other than that?  Not much more way of knowing than if we were doing this the old-fashioned way. 

Posted by on 06/23 at 01:07 PM
  1. I might even be there around the right time again.

    Posted by wayne  on  06/23  at  02:08 PM  from  ohio
  2. let it be a surprise for them.  Hell, they can do the math.  That’ll be close.

    Posted by caltechgirl  on  06/23  at  03:58 PM  from 
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