Why DVD Sales Are Poor?

Too expensive.  And the studios are impressively unclear on when they have on their hands a $20 release versus a $10 release versus a $5 discount bin release.

I keep seeing older films I might buy from the $5 bin, still as high as $15, and shaking my head as I continue to wait.  I walk in the store and see new releases at $18 or more and all to often I snort at the audacity of trying to get that much, even during a brief early adopter phase.

I did almost buy Jungle Book for the kids for Christmas recently, then decided that, on top of whether I ought to spent the $14 or whatever it was, it was way too likely someone else would buy it for them.  They have too many toys, but more videos don’t hurt, and are a common gift from some relatives in particular.  At least Jungle Book is actually worth that kind of money, being a classic.  It’s the first movie I can remember ever seeing in a theater, rather than a drive-in.

Posted by on 12/03 at 08:07 PM
  1. Phantom Toll booth is the first movie I remember seeing in the theater..

    Posted by Wayne  on  12/04  at  12:22 AM  from  Ohio
  2. The Phantom Tollbooth creeped me out when I was little. I don’t remember much of it now though.

    Jay I feel your pain. I just bought 300 and Transformers on amazon and spent well over $30. If they weren’t gifts for someone, I wouldn’t have bothered.

    Posted by  on  12/05  at  03:58 AM  from  Mass
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