Henry can eat things with wheat!  The house is pretty empty of food, but damn, that opens up so many options.  He is eating a cracker as I type this!  If it has no milk products, he can eat bread.  It totally makes up for what is going to have to be a near prohibition on sweet potato.  And again, it fits with salicylates being the problem, in which wheat is safe unless there are multiple food issues (as apparently with dairy).

Speaking of wheat, I have the urge to bake bread today.  It’s 56 out currently.  Not sure I have enough sugar.  Kids want more flour tortillas.  My first batch ever came out excellent.  That was Henry’s intro to wheat.  Reintroduction, actually.  And see, we aren’t as worried as we might be because of all the stuff he ate without having overt allergies, just eczema like crazy, which was of course the lower level sensitivities.

Anyway, kids call…

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