Whatever Shall I Do

I got about four hours of sleep before facing the chilly morning.  More would have been nice.

There are no birthdays today.  In fact, there are none until Friday, then Sunday, unless you count a dead President on Wednesday.  If any of them count, Reagan does.

My typos long ago made me develop a holistic theory about how we remember words, at least in terms of muscle memory to type them.  Which I bring up because in the previous paragraph I typed “could” where I meant “count.” What word is the more common of the two for me to type, starting with the same letter combination?  So my fingers went with what was expected, no matter that my brain had another script.  Those are the spell checker defying “misspellings” because they are usually legitimate words.  Not that I generally use a spell checker.  Except in Firefox now I do, either by typing into it, or paying attention to the red underlines when I paste.  Which I don’t always, since what I paste may contain HTML codes that have a wolf crying effect.

In lieu of a birthday post, this is one of my “what to do today” posts that’s more for my own benefit than for y’all to enjoy reading.  Notwithstanding that paragraph digressing into brain/finger wiring.

Deb made two sales since I went to the post office Saturday, so there are two packages waiting for me to mail them.  That’ll be first thing after a shower and more coffee, so they get into the mail stream.  As always, be sure to visit the Neatly Tangled shop regularly.  It’s even better than donating, since you get something besides our charming posts for your money.  If you were thinking of donating, there has never been a better time.  Seriously.  See the button at the upper right.

Now that I am approved by OnForce, it will behoove me to monitor that regularly.  Kind of an ongoing to do, with a direct financial reason for being.

I’ve been fixing up Welcome to Help, which continues to need some work.  I added specials and experience, besides having modified the other pages.  Neither of them are necessarily complete, but they are there and have potential.  The specials are what I need for getting work ASAP, and I may never be able to package the specific things for more than that.  The trouble is, the first one will never be less than an hour, though it shouldn’t go over two, so it’s a discount of $41 to $131.  The second one is usually not less than two hours if there’s anything amounting to anything there.  It should never be less than an hour.  So it’s the same thing, only more so, and more likely to run into the need for extended time.  Which will still have to be dramatically discounted.

I’d also like to create a package for general support/assistance/coaching from wherever, so for instance you could e-mail a question and get an answer.  The trick is figuring out how that averages out, and where to draw the line.  I’ll probably offer up something prepaid really cheap because the money, yeah, imperative.  Enough so for me to mention the donate button, even if it’s not quite “someone needs a transplant.”

Anyway, more working on the site.

More importantly, pimping it now that it is adequate.  I need to compose e-mail to a few dozen prospects.

I also need to compose e-mail to a former client.  Depending on the response, that may mean additional activity.

I need to look at listing the van for sale on Craigslist, which also means emptying the van, which could be interesting.  One of the things in it is the nice Brother laser fax/copier from the old office, which I love, but is redundant.  It was a smidge below $300 new It mainly got used for copying tax returns and faxing resumes for my partner.  How’s that for a morale boost?  The partner comes to the office and hangs out for the day working on his job hunting and faxing resumes.  Or to work on personal side work, paid or free, bouncing things off me or outright getting my help.  Anyway, it’s time to sell that off, I think.  After bringing it in and testing to make sure it still works, apart from being low on toner.  The rest is mainly art and car seats.  There actually are places the art can be stored in here.

Let’s see, what else?

Check the domain auction and be annoyed again that I’ll be lucky to sell it within the 90 day period, even for the lowest amount I can reasonably expect.  But I have to watch it, just in case there’s an offer.

I want to rejigger my LinkedIn profile again.  Perhaps work on some of the other networking and job sites.

I’ve been mentally recomposing what my tech oriented resume might look like and today would be as good as any to work on it, especially with the WTH experience page and reviewing LinkedIn freshening things in my mind.

Oh right.  I am the host of this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists at Bizosphere.  Fortunately, I have a good host for the next edition.  Beyond that, well, I hope I can attract more.  I’ve given most of the submissions a preliminary look and have been accumulating links of my own, as well as blogs to revisit looking for more if needed.

In there somewhere may be blog ad related activity, though I may want to give it a day if I don’t hear from people.

Guess I’d better get to it, since it’s already late.

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