What a Gas

So now I remember…

In my travels yesterday, I stopped to fill the tank on the truck.  For which I also bought wiper blades, as one is shredding.  Mounting them is another thing to be done today.

Middleboro has an incredibly stupid regulation, as I’ve mentioned before, whereby all cars must pull through the gas pumps in the same direction.  At least at self-serve stations.  That means 90% of the gas gets sold on one side of the pump, and there can be a line, while the other side stands vacant.

I’d been thinking that the hoses are pretty long, and all the more likely to be so to counteract the regulatory nonsense.  I’d been thinking the truck isn’t that wide, and the bed is lower than the roof of a typical car.  So I’d been thinking that I ought to be able to pump wrong-sided.

I tried it.  Their hoses are amazingly short.  It was all I could do to reach.  Then the funny angle apparently disabled the automatic shutoff, so I ended up with gas splurting out all over my hand and onto my shoe.  Doh!  Of the $41.79 to fill it, probably it should have stopped not later than $41.  Yay.

Lesson learned.  I use the other side every time, even if it means waiting in line.

Posted by on 01/23 at 05:42 PM
  1. Sheesh.  A good argument for filling up in the next town - unless it has the same dumb law.

    Posted by CGHill  on  01/25  at  02:16 AM  from  Deepest Oklahoma
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