Welcome, Blank

The company that owns the hospital where we had all three kids has bought the medical practice we have used for several years, rebranding both with the parent name.

There was once a computer company locally that used the same generic name, so that is what I think of when I see it.

There was no warning.  Reportedly 15 of the doctors are leaving for a different practice.  In suspiciously close timing with this, our own doctor sent us notices to reschedule every appointment that falls next month.  While it’s doubtful he’s leaving, as he practically runs the place, it would appear he’s taking at least two weeks off.

Being insurance outlaws and Just That Broke, the only one we’re actually concerned with rescheduling is the baby’s, as shots are involved.  We’ve also been talking about changing doctors, going back and forth between attachment to the one we have, and annoyance.  Which is in part due to the increasingly bureaucratic nature of the large practice.  Which the merger obviously feeds.

The other day we received patient cards, one for each of us, each under separate cover.  That also served as the announcement of the merger.

The cards are blank.

They are for accessing medical records for each of us, so any office or hospital in their network of them can identify us and pull up our records.  Presumably they contain an embedded RFID chip or something, which made me entertain “let’s put Mr. Hamster in the microwave” thoughts.

But they’re blank.  Five cards to keep track of, and they have no way for us to identify which is which without working out a way to label them ourselves.

That just seems weird, after going to all that trouble to make everything electronic and theoretically efficient, and to issue the cards.

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