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See also the preceding post.  Heck, all the more appropriate, considering the basis for V for Vendetta is a backstory in which fascists take advantage of world events and build on them to take advantage of a crisis to expand and totalize their power.  Unlike the immigration post, this didn’t say anything substantive before it stopped, and it stopped mid-sentence.  I’ll blockquote it and then add a little:

Last night we watched V for Vendetta.  About time, since we bought it just after it came out, since it was one of my most looked forward to films ever and I missed it in the theater.

You see, I am one of the hundred or so people in the world who actually bought and read the ten-part comic version as it came out.  In fact, I bought a complete extra set to have to loan people, after seeing what had happened to my

That was, what, three weeks ago?  Anyway, it was generally well done.  I did not appreciate the degree to which it was used as an anti-Bush, anti-war political vehicle.  There were significant changes to the original storyline, though much of it was there - enough to make it surprising the film ever got made - with just enough modification, including to the core political/philosophical point, to annoy me.  It had the look and feel of the comic to a remarkable degree.

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