In case I don’t get time to post in the morning, I do have a couple birthdays to post later, and will presumably have an interview experience to mention retrospectively.  I’m due in Needham at 10:00 AM for one, where I should also get to see the former colleague who has been responsible for getting me two interviews so far.

The truck is gassed up.  It’s about 38 miles each way, which is expensive these days.  It’s momentum, anyway.  Temporary or not, I feel good about it.

I also have at least one tiny bit of client work expected next week.  A little grocery money, anyway.  Speaking of which, tomorrow I need to stop on the way home for Benadryl for Henry.  He needs some most days.  At least today we confirmed he is bothered significantly by the bath.  Even Valerie seems to have been affected by it.  Either there’s residue or growth that’s not obvious and hits hard, or something about the water itself, or something about the tub itself.  In retrospect, this started when he started bathing in the big tub.

Tonight no soap was used while he was in there, and the temperature was reasonable.  He went in there fine.  He came out as rashy as he ever gets, which is in proportion to the length of time.  It seems worst where he most touches the tub, counting that he gets on his belly and crawls/swims around.  The thing is, his very worst spots are where his face gets washed regularly, usually with just a damp cloth - water with no soap, plastic, rubber, etc., and a cloth that shouldn’t hurt him that gets laundered in detergent we have no evidence hurts him, as it shouldn’t.

Further experimentation will follow, obviously, including no baths some days, either at all or going in the shower with one of us instead, and the cleaning to end all cleanings.

It remains clear that he handles bananas badly.  It remains clear that something happened that was most likely related to dairy - probably a specific package of cheese and its histamines - or eggs, and was more topical than internal.  It’s unlikely now that either Deb eating eggs or him eating raw pears was a factor recently.  It’s unlikely he was bothered by anything he might have ingested in trace amounts yesterday.  It’s clear that washing his hands with Dial was bad.  It’s clear that he reacts either chemically, texturally, or both to some of the screen printing on my T-shirts.  He can eat rice, oatmeal, apples, butternut, carrots, and unofficially peanut butter and raisins with no apparent issue.  He’ll probably get to eat sweet potato tomorrow, as I made extra tonight to save for the purpose.  That’s likely to be fine, too.  But you can see how confusing it would be to feed something, then have him broken out in rash in the evening… after a bath.

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of As the Rash Reddens…

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  1. Good Luck this morning.

    Posted by Wayne  on  04/08  at  08:10 AM  from  Ohio
  2. Be careful - sometimes there is a large delay in time from the point of ingestion and a reaction. I would still be careful with peanut butter. Another suggestion - use only baby wash (we used Johnson and Johnson) for Henry. Stay off all other products. We had to scrub the tub out daily and then we made sure my older daughter wasn’t using any bath/shower products that contained allergens (almond oil, dairy/milk, etc). Good luck and call me if I can help with anything! As for weird hives appearing, Olivia also has “dermagraphia” ::link:: That might explain some of the rash and hives for Henry.

    Posted by Kate  on  04/08  at  10:54 AM  from  NJ
  3. Have you tried Dove--PLAIN....Ivory? Wash his clothes alone--nobody elses with his. Do they still sell “Baby Ivory Flakes????? Woolite? Good Luck

    Posted by  on  04/08  at  01:05 PM  from 
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