We watched Transformers last night.  Sadly, before I switched us to the new TV, so all the more reason to rewatch it soon to see if we catch more of the jokes.

Highly recommended.  It was vastly better than I had expected, and Deb nailed what is probably most of the reason.  They had tremendous fun making it, setting out intending it to be a B movie, even poking fun at [big pause here to talk to my father on the phone and then help with a poop incident and then have a philosophical discussion, now getting back to the quick post I am dashing off between cleaning my desktop so I can find my resume docs and trying to work on the resume) I think I was going to say the very movie conventions involved, as well as past movies like Independence Day.

It was sort of like Chuck, which wouldn’t work so well as a TV series if it tried to take itself seriously while harnessing absurd plots and concepts.  Instead of saying “what a silly show,” I look forward to Chuck almost as much as Heroes.

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