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Looks like we’ll participate in a yard sale on the weekend of the 14th.  I probably have stuff in storage that can be sold that way.  We’re constrained by what days Deb works, and the weather, and an expected function on the 8th, and the need for me to run around and register the car because even though we can’t afford it, we can’t not do it.  On the far side, we’re constrained by the prepayment on the storage running through July 16, and my not being sure how I’ll make that $40 a month payment once it does.

So I need to go open the storage unit, which is packed like a cartoon closet that sproings out onto the floor when the door is opened, and at least get sort of an inventory of what is there that can be sold or otherwise disposed of.  Maybe I’ll take Sadie along.  Probably I’ll bring some stuff home for the kids to destroy before it can be sold.

Trouble is, some of that is stuff like the little refrigerator, which might be Craigable, if the smell is gone.  Other than something left in it too long, it’s pristine and works great.  If our circumstances were different, we’d probably keep it as an office or cellar fridge, maybe store soda or water or unopened juice there.  Except we don’t drink soda, can’t afford it, and I think limiting helps me lose weight.  And we limit juice, since Henry can’t drink it, it’s suspect if probably OK for Valerie, and it’s expensive.  And we drink tap water, except as a matter of portability when needed with work lunches.  Where I was going with that is the size.  Some of it’s big, and if I am to sell it, it has to come here and go...?  At least comics are small, and lucrative for their size.  And seriously buried.  The storage contents is like a giant 3D puzzle crossed with a house of cards.  Which makes me not want to touch it…

I could potentially save some of that for tomorrow or Tuesday, when I am out for other things.  It’s just… I am sure there are things that can sell, one way or another, or that I put there and aren’t worth keeping.  No extracting the value without diving into it.

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  1. That mini-fridge?  Stick a bowl with half a dozen charcoal briquettes in there for a few days.  You’ll be amazed by how quickly that absorbs nasty odors.

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