I have to finish this edition of Carnival of the Capitalists, which is actually well timed for self-promotion.  Thankfully I have a good host for next week, and I hope more will volunteer for subsequent editions.  The ones who have done it so far have been great, and seemed at least as happy and enthusiastic as when people hosted at their own blogs.  I enjoyed going out and finding items for it, though I wish I’d had more time.  Or perhaps not, since there are an awful lot of them.

I need to send some e-mails.

Already did my first checks of OnForce work orders, which appear not to be that frequent, and the domain auction, which promises to go exactly nowhere.

I may do more work on the digital coaching and tech support business site, or at least post at the blog.  That also needs to get some promotion across our various sites, probably in the form of a homegrown ad that came to mind yesterday.

Probably yesterday’s list continued, basically, including resume work and posting same here and there and updating LinkedIn and so forth.

Perhaps add some books to our book sale that so far includes pregnancy, birth, and parenting books for sale.  Probably some mint computer-related books, among whatever else.

Okay, off to more coffee and CotC.  The latter is likely to provoke a string of efforts from the list that tie into it being a self-promotion venue.

I could do without such gloomy weather.  It looks like it’s 4:00 in the morning.

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