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I’ve been blogging a lot at the other sites, which are easier because WordPress works well with w.bloggar and Expression Engine doesn’t.  In particular, I’ve accumulated a ton of links dating back months, which I’d intended to post, even in “here’s a link” fashion, so I’ve started catching those up at Tersosity, which is exactly the place I’d intended for quickie stuff like that.

However, there have also been and likely will be more posts soon at Reality Bucket, which fair warning is our political and cultural fuckyouwesaywhatwethink blog, and at Geek Practitioners, Married Guy Cook (where I need to post about Hell’s Kitchen before we get to the final 3 episode and Corey gets eliminated), and Bizosphere.

There will be stuff here, too, as I get a chance, between things I need to say, and reposts I have more or less queued, besides the fact that at least one post per day will appear for the rest of the month even if I drop dead of ifhewerentafatpighedbealivenowcuzweknowskinnymeansimmortal syndrome or something in the meantime.

So if you’re bored and haven’t been paying attention, check those, especially, because the volume of links will give you lots to go read.

Posted by on 06/21 at 07:00 PM
  1. "which fair warning is our political and cultural fuckyouwesaywhatwethink blog”

    I think I need one of those, I’d just have to be very quiet about it.

    Posted by Dan  on  06/21  at  11:57 PM  from  Crapachusetts
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