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The gout is a lot better.  Yay!  The kids hurt my left knee to a surprisingly painful degree.  Boo, hiss!

Discussing the possibility of some cool writing work in an area of interest.

Today I need to go back over my US taxes and finalize the forms (there’s always a copy of one or more that gets miswritten and crossed out or such), then do the MA taxes.  While I’m at it I should probably make the partnership tax forms ready to mail eventually and put them somewhere safe.  None of this will actually go out until it must, after all, but I needed the info for the former partners, and my own for other purposes.  While I’m at it, I also need to file a couple quarters of “nothing to see here” zero sales tax returns and mark the last one final.

It’s American Idol night, so let’s hope bedtime goes better tonight.  Sadie’s been a mess in that regard, and Valerie is two.  Speaking of which, Sadie is now on her third of three dry nights.  Apparently there will be no more diapers for her, which is great because we were down to one or two and that $7 buys a lot of milk.  Okay, very little milk, at $4 a gallon, but still.  That probably means the farmers get about a quarter a gallon, the stores get about a quarter a gallon, and the rest goes to transport, processing, packaging, and profit for the milk companies that are the self-designated sole profitees in the sorry supply chain.  Kind of like the insurance companies of dairy.  But I digress, and have not actually researched.

Yesterday was eaten by the bears of redaction.  At least I learned a thing or two about .htaccess and robots.txt, the latter of which I had never yet used in almost eleven years of working on web sites.  Heck, it’s been so long, I say “web site” instead of “website.” I’ve never been so impatient for Google to crawl on through and update itself.  Darn cache transactions.

What else?

Sadie may have developed a food reaction to tomatoes or something else in common to my chili and my red sauce.  Yay.  Both also contain red pepper, garlic, maybe a couple other things at least in trace amounts.  I just realized I used no oregano in the red sauce, but then there’s some in the Italian seasoning.  Well, there’s also beef, but who would react to that?  Not a thrilling development, if it’s more than coincidence.

There are other odds and ends to do.  We started working on planning blog maintenance services yesterday, but we have kids and relatives.  I have to return to my resume, retweak my LinkedIn profile, maybe post a couple more things.  And right, it’s time for Carnival of the Capitalists over at Bizosphere.  Maybe I can do that in the time it takes to cook a chicken later.  Not many entries, but I have a few things I can add and call it a small edition.

I have an idea for selling a domain name more effectively, which should take an hour or two up front and a few minutes a day to pull off after that.  That might be something to work on late at night when the kids are done with me and I’m drooling on the keyboard wondering didn’t I have things to get done or something.

Okay, off to it.  If I start somewhere, inertia will favor momentum over rest.  Heck, as restful as it may seem, even typing up a post like this serves to ramp up momentum.

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  1. ...No state income taxes in Texas....

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