They Never Tell You…

That you also have to be an artist and an art instructor when you’re a parent.

Sadie loves her crayons and long since got the point about using paper; something Valerie has just started to do, even though she continues to think crayons are yummy.  Thus the crayons coming out while Valerie naps.

She also loves company and assistance while using them.  The big thing currently is tracing her hand and your hand, then maybe drawing on fingernails.  It was the hand thing for which she dragged me from the office (Deb being out of the house).  I ended up drawing an entire scene that included mountains, a river, a meadow, a road, a bridge, a horse, a sheep, a pine forest, various flowers, some deciduous trees, a blueberry bush in season, an apple tree blossoming, an apricot tree, fishes and a guy trying to fish for them, a bear, a tourist pulloff with a redwood tree you could drive through, a picnic table, a brick barbecue pit, a giant pic-a-nic basket, a couple cars and a pickup truck pulling what started out wanting to be a horse trailer.  Sadie embellished.

Yesterday I showed her she could trace other things, and how to use “her” red ruler (which I got when I was in my teens) to draw straight lines.  I even showed her how the holes in the ruler could be used with one crayon as a pivot and another to draw a clean arc.  Then there were the freehand shapes, including the various “Lucky Charms.” She was especially intrigued when I turned a square into a cube.

Anyway, in the process of all that, I showed her the trick of drawing straight lines between to other lines in the way that creates an illusion of curvature, kind of like this:

That was a big sixties/early seventies thing, which I picked up on from my brother’s black light posters.  I always thought it was cool.

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