Then There’s…

The advertising-related stuff, and the plans to do a CotC and try to restart that.  If people will contribute above a threshold when I do a fundraising edition back from hiatus, I’ll not only believe they are interested, but also delay advertising on that site for a duration depending on donations.  If not, that’ll be added to the stable, and it’s the most potentially lucrative one.  Plus I’ve started posting there again, even aside from restarting CotC or not.  The other thing is a hardcore “hire us, dammit” post and associated features across blogs, along with updating of the business and resume sites.

All of which will be relevant, even if I get the support job I’m up for that can be done from anywhere, including if we were to move anywhere in the country with decent broadband.  Obviously, I’d prefer to stay somewhere with FiOS, so it’s good that’s an increasingly widespread option.

Anyway, off to working on something, even if it’s dishes and a shower to start.  And maybe something for lunch, since I feel hollow.  As well I should, given that I fit OK in a T-shirt I’ve seldom worn because it’s too tight.  Oh, about to post more pictures, too, which I started working on at an adjacent computer, after forgetting this post was in progress.

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