Them’s The Brakes

We have the car back, thanks to my brother.

He’s very thorough.  The brake line was bad around the area where it sprung a leak.  It was worse on the other side.  He replaced all that needed replacing.  He also did the front pads, as they were close to gone, and the bleeding valve broke, so the part that’s in had to be replaced.

I spent $16.99 of the $13.75 from the yard sale for brake pads and lubricant.  He spent $32 or so on the other parts, so we’ll have to pay him sometime.  My nephew did a ton of running and also drove my brother home, which was awesome.

Now it’s going to need a couple tires soon.  Otherwise it’s in good shape.  When I drove it home, I wondered aloud if he’d tuned it up or something while he was at it, because the car sounded like it was running dramatically smoother and quieter.

Yay for having two cars!  And being able to transport kids!

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  1. Yay, indeed.  I am glad the brake system ( and engine apparently ) were fixed up.  Good to know that stopping power will be up to par.  smile

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