The Van and Cellar

I mentioned the van in my Sentra post.  We’re putting that up for sale in hopes of getting $500 for it, never having to deal with it again ourselves, and starting over with something better when we’re adequately past the part about not getting evicted or losing the utilities.  Eating, too.  Book value less work needed says it ought to be worth at least that, though I fear we’ll end up with less, for scrap.

It has 176,358 miles on it, but it originated in Florida and has a great body.  It’s had a radiator, a transmission, hoses and such, and front end work - CV joints or whatever it was that we knew it would need after a while when we bought it.  I’m thinking it might have had brakes, too, but I may be transposing from the truck and the Sentra, which both had them fairly recently.

As of right now, it doesn’t start, which is probably in part battery weakness after sitting, and the rest because, yay, it needs head gaskets.  It had enough trouble starting when it was parked.

We’ve been using it for storage, and that’s what’ll be interesting about getting rid of the two vehicles.  The apartment is bursting.  We already have the front landing in heavy use.  The cars hold the strollers, the car seats, some tools and odds and ends.  When I stuffed the storage unit full, I grabbed the yard tools like shovels and found a spot in the cellar for a trash barrel with them standing in it.  Even after they’d cleaned some of it out, the downstairs neighbors had the cellar pretty full of stuff.  The third floor has a discrete area to store things near their washer and dryer.  We don’t.

To empty the cars, I need space down there.  I had a second trash barrel in the van, and a bin in the Sentra, which ought to hold any smaller stuff, and then we either have to put the big stroller down there, or it has to come up here, which is unimaginable.

So.  First I find that the outside door to the cellar is now deadbolted.  Nobody let us in on this or gave us a key, but it can be opened from the inside, which at least means it’s only inconvenient.

Then I find that the third floor has split the space down there at least evenly with the first floor, leaving, wait for it, no space.  Third floor has a motorcycle down there, and has access to a workbench clear and is using it.  A workbench?  Who knew!

I stuck the second barrel in front of a kiddie basketball hoop I have never seen anyone pull out and use.  Not sure where the rest will go.  I only put the jack stands in the barrel so far, and it’ll hold a lot of stuff.  Well, or it’ll hold the spare vacuum cleaner from the office and a little stuff.  That may be able to go beside out washer or something.

I’m kind of amused that I didn’t want to rock the boat about the fist floor using 95% of the cellar, but seeing we might need it, the first floor had started cleaning out the cellar the summer after we moved in, then when the new third floor arrived, they pushed along the process and took over that space.

Oh well.  Coffee time.

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