The Sixth Already?


That means it’s Ronald Reagan’s birthday.  Or was when he was alive, rather than doing a lively spin in his grave when his name is invoked this year.

Henry is either a great accidental talker or he makes the girls look verbally slow.  He’s extroverted and vocal in the first place, and obviously bright, so he may be going in for earlier language.  “Hi da da” is pretty surprising, but so is “I did,” which he apparently picked up from Valerie’s “I did it!” as the equivalent of saying “yay!” Totally in context, and not the first time he has clearly said “hi.” Or enthused about seeing me.

I think there’s a post office run in my today.  Books, this time, though it would be great if something sold from Deb’s crochet shop first thing and made it a two-fer.  So I’ll probably run to the store as well, for a small pack of wipes.  Annoyingly, it’s rainy and I still haven’t looked up how to replace the wiper blade online, in a size I can actually read.

With CotC done, I have a rapid succession of money-related things to do.  The old big client wants to hire me personally to do some web site updates, which I had suggested because I saw nobody had taken it over.  There’s e-mail out to clarify the scope, which will either be adding, removing, and modifying the list of attorneys and their profile pages, or will be that plus adding a news section.  If it’s only the former, I may add a static page where the news section belongs.  Well, it could entail removing links that imply a news section, come to think of it.  We’ll see.

Maybe more at the business site.  Ads for the business site, on our various sites.  Perhaps an e-mail to people soliciting work.

Already have a second e-mail out to an advertiser, in case the contact isn’t there or my first one didn’t make it there.

Modify the existing resume and create another one.  Start posting it online.

There’s more, but no need to list it all here, and some will depend on how other things flow and momentum.  Big thing is I don’t have CotC to work on, even if that was a promotional opportunity, and I can run through some other stuff.

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