The Server Strikes Back

So I got to the office rather late yesterday, what with this and that, then took care of some of the various issues that had come up, and ended up with some time to kill before I would be able to call the guy about the van.

I was really fretting about the need to setup the HP Digital Sender that’s waiting to go, and though it would be a much bigger than hour or so project, I decided to start going through the settings.

First thing is to tell it an SMTP gateway to use.  I could have cheated and told it to use one on the internet, but I had the notion with the upgrade now we had a gateway, or one could easily be setup.  It searched for a gateway and found none, so I checked the goofy Windows 2003 configure your server wizard.  I can’t begin to imagine why Microsoft thought server tasks ought to be wizarded down.  To me it makes everything harder.  Of course, they also made mail merges harder in Word 2003 by making them easier, but at least that’s an end user app, even if the end users are more confused by the change than I am.

The option for mail server was not installed.  That bullies through a setup of both POP3 and SMTP, without being able to choose one and not the other.  Ironically, if you go to add/remove Windows components, it won’t let you install POP if Exchange is installed, and SMTP isn’t even an option.

Turns out Exchange 2003 uses Virtual SMTP.  It’s so simple that a default install of Exchange on a server that has internet will basically just work, just already have working internet mail without a bunch of fussing around.  And I broke it.

Oh, and it uses SMTP for internal e-mail transport too!

After hours of this and that, I ended up going home at 11:30 PM, ready to drop, defeated, having left the office manager a note and e-mailed people at the place that did the upgrade and therefore knew the settings.  Figured they could go in and quickly make the settings right, as eventually it looked to be a matter of settings and all should have been right.  Which is why after I started typing this, one of them called to clarify things, and said they might have to call Microsoft support.  Doh!  I pride myself on never doing that, even though I used to be one of them and still know some of them.

If I have reason to believe I’ll affect something like Exchange, I make sure I have a record of all the settings before I start, assuming they’re not already committed to memory, which I never assumed even after years of working with Exchange 5.5.  It’s just a stupid scanner, however sophisticated.

Anyway, gotta do a thing or two and then get out of here.  I may as well have stayed at the office, but didn’t think of it until I got partway home.  I didn’t sleep much, and when I did I had nightmares, in one case about configuring a server and not being able to get it right.

The good news is I did talk to the van guy last night and agreed to $550.  He’ll be home sometime after 2:00 today so I should be able to go pay him and move around vehicles then.

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