The Saga Continues…

Valerie continues to be intent on potty training, which is mostly okay.  What’s bad is when she pulls an anti-Sadie.  That is, sit for literally a couple seconds, then get down, put the ring away and wash her hands.  That’s just going through the motions.  And even that’s fine, except when she gets herself stuck in a goto loop.

10 Go in bathroom
20 Lift seat
30 Place ring on toilet
40 Place stool in front of toilet if needed
50 Attempt to climb up, coming dangerously close to putting your legs into the toilet
60 Get set in place by a parent
70 Sit for random length of time
80 Get down
90 Put ring away
100 Close cover
110 Flush
120 Optionally put stool away
130 Wash hands
140 Goto 20
150 Dry hands
160 Leave bathroom
170 Get help putting on dry pullups
180 Begin screamfest as Sadie tomrents you

Line 140 is not supposed to be there, but often is, usually when the random duration is absurdly low.  She hates it when I insert a break in the code and manually skip to 150.

Meanwhile, Sadie had to participate this morning and sat there for something like an hour.  We had to remove her.  It wouldn’t be so bad were it her own potty, or if we had multiple bathrooms.  If she’s willing, it’s likely to be sitting there for extended lengths that will get her used to going without something against her skin, and get her enough success to be encouraged.

Besides the whole transportation thing, it doesn’t seem like disrupting Val’s potty training juggernaut would be a good idea, so we’re passing on going to my brother’s cookout today.  The question is, will my mother show up here of her own accord in the next half hour, simply assuming we need and want a ride.  I didn’t really give her a hard time last Sunday when she did it, but I did tell her rather pointedly that the last thing I expected was to see her pull up out front as we were loading Sadie in the truck for me to drive her there.  Perhaps by the time she’s 80 she will have caught on to the whole “making advance arrangements” thing that people so often do and expect.

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