The Doors of Perception Have Squeaky Hinges

Via Glenn, this is an utterly unsurprising yet fascinating article.

One funny thing about it is my perception of what I describe as “tunnel vision people” as being not all that bright, however unfairly.  The article points up the difference between them and someone like me.  I’ve always been bemused by the success of people who can filter so thoroughly and unconsciously that things can fall apart completely around them, because of my unfair equating of extreme filtering with limited intelligence.  Ultimately I’ve come to appreciate how helpful it might be to have nothing distract you.

I’m so amused that someone squeezed in the last four words of the article that I am using that in my title:

“We are very excited by the results of these studies,” says Peterson. “It appears that we have not only identified one of the biological bases of creativity but have moved towards cracking an age-old mystery: the relationship between genius, madness and the doors of perception.”

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