The Biggest Loser

I started to watch it again, and when they were doing the intros and the mother and son came on and mom insisted that her kid looked like her because she’s a terrible mother, I turned it off.  Because science is cool and I can’t take all of this bullshit anymore.  *headdesk*

Anyway, tuns out that I was way right to do so.  I don’t think my blood pressure could have taken the rest of the episode, per Jeff Jarvis, anyway. 

Just remember, that blood pressure spike would have had nothing to do with having to endure outrageous would have been brought to you by TEH FAT!

Honestly, I’m starting to really enjoy having given up TV again.  Thanks, WGA.  I *heart* you.

Posted by on 01/04 at 07:11 PM
  1. Thanks, WGA.  I *heart* you.

    I feel that way every time I see a commercial for American Gladiators.

    Posted by Steven Taylor  on  01/04  at  08:46 PM  from 
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