Still Poor

I provoked Mega Millions into being a particularly strange sequence of numbers, by saying that it theoretically could be, but wasn’t normally.  Of course, my example was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, but still.  If I can invoke Rachel Lucas into returning to blogging, and invoke the girl next door, known to us as Baton Girl, into returning to playing loud music and practicing baton and doing dance choreography in the yard, I can ruin the lotter number sequence.

Incidentally, I just noticed that still poor is a spoonerism for pill store.  Perhaps watching Rocky and Bullwinkle yesterday inspired that realization.  When we saw one of the $1 cartoon DVDs at Wal-Mart with some episodes of that, I couldn’t get it into the cart fast enough.  Jay Ward was a genius.

At least we are slightly less poor.  We received a gift certificate for the baby from some awesome blog friends.  On the same day, I was going through things and discovered a card that had $5 for each of the girls, plus gift checks for me and Deb in it.  Doh!  I can’t believe that got lost in the shuffle for months.  Sadie is now up to $15.55 in her stash, and Valerie only had 25 cents, so now she has $7.25, including $2 I added gratuitously.  My goal is to keep track and make sure they actually get all their gift money - and know that much of it is gone when they’ve spent it, as keeping no track out is as bad as keeping no track as it accumulates - preferably as long from now and to spend, or save, as sensibly as possible.  In my family we were never taught about making or managing money as kids, with repercussions decades in the echoing.  “Poor” isn’t merely a state of available funds; it’s a state of mind, hard to escape once ingrained.

Oh well.  In my travels I’ll have to buy a ticket for the $325 million jackpot Friday.  This morning I need to return my grandmother’s car we borrowed to go to the appointments yesterday.  Next week Deb should be able to drive, and tomorrow I’ll take Valerie to her checkup.  She only just got turned forward before the van died again, and was a much happier rider.  She hated facing backward, especially on hills.  She should just love riding in the truck!  Sadie did.  There’s so much more visibility, and it’s so much like being a big person.  I also need to write some checks and mail stuff.  Ugh.

Posted by on 08/29 at 12:00 PM
  1. “Poor” isn’t merely a state of available funds; it’s a state of mind, hard to escape once ingrained.

    For purposes of socio-economic discussion, I will write of the days when we lived below the poverty line. As far as we were concerned, we we merely broke, never poor.

    Posted by triticale  on  08/29  at  01:50 PM  from  the you know house
  2. And an anagram of pill store is ill poster.

    Posted by sarahk  on  08/29  at  03:49 PM  from  south of hell
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