Spider-Man 3

I still say it’s Spiderman and the hyphen is weird.

Anyway, I went to see it yesterday.  Deb and I had it pegged.  In the absence of the first two, the third would be considered a good to superior comic book movie.  It’s not as good as the others, but we were lucky to get anything as good as the others, ever, from anyone.

I was worried about the excess of villains.  It ends up being essential to the plot.  There was clear bookending going on, tying it off as a trilogy and as a stopping point.

There was not as clear of a positioning for Mary Jane not to be in a hypothetical number four, allowing Dunst to be free or have a break before either she comes back or they replace her in a hypothetical number five, six or more.  At the same time, despite introducing Gwen, they didn’t leave her as such a clear replacement for when Dunst doesn’t come back if there’s a four and beyond.

It can legitimately be said that it was big on CGI and small on character aspects, and that was part of the problem.  Unfortunately, the villains in question required massive CGI, and invited more.

One could be excused for thinking Peter ought to forget MJ and Gwen and go with Ursula instead.

Anyway, if you like that sort of movie, it’s at least worth hitting a matinee, and will absolutely be worth getting the DVD.  It’s not a Must. See. Now. though, so waiting for the DVD would be reasonable.

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  1. Getting rid of Mary Jane is easy. In the comic books she goes to Hollywood to try to be an actress for a long stretch.  During that time Peter has a few different woman he dates. Gwen being one of them but never really a girl friend per say. (if I’m remembering right) Gwen does become (I can’t remember if she is hero or villian or both at some point) Black Cat at some point.
    I liked Evil peter though some of the scenes of him being “weird” could have been cut.  You have to wonder if Dunst demanded to be able to sing in order to be in the movie. I think its interesting that Dr Conner has been in all 3 movies so far seeing as how he becomes one of Spidermans villians also. Lizard man or something. It happens because he is experimenting with Lizard DNA in an attempt to regrow his missing arm. We could see him in the next movie.

    Posted by wayne  on  05/14  at  03:36 PM  from  ohio
  2. I went opening night.  My initial reaction upon leaving the theater was that it was horrible; however upon additional reflection and discussions with others who have seen it I’m dialing back my disdain for the film at least a couple of notches.

    If you happen to see any of Dunst’s interviews about the movie she seems at best disinterested with continuing.

    You should have remained worried about the number of villains.  Too many!!  More Venom and NO Sandman please.

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  3. I haven’t seen S3, and I honestly was not that jazzed about it from the moment it was announced.  I really liked the first one.  The second one was okay, but I was never really convinced with Doc Ock’s villainization.  I’m sure I’d enjoy the third, but it’s not worth buying tickets and paying a babysitter, not in my opinion.

    We are, however, getting a babysitter for HP5 (just saw the second trailer… awesome...) and I may leave the baby with my parents and go see Transformers just to get out of the house, even though I’m not jazzed about that one either.

    Posted by The Former Blogger Formerly Known As Josh Cohen  on  05/15  at  11:32 AM  from 
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