Special Day

This is a very special day in other ways, especially given the traditional significance ascribed to each five year increment, but it’s the first day of one of the longest birthday-free stretches of the year, six days, until a couple days ago, 7 days.  I’d forgotten the other thing until I looked at the calendar to confirm the birthday drought.  One of us will probably post about it later.

Tax-related stuff proceeds apace.  That needs to be done today, even though I am sending the results to the former partners in PDF form so not depending on something mailed today getting there tomorrow.  I also need to work on my own pretty promptly afterward.

Sounds like the ad people we’re waiting on may pay us today.  Apparently they were affected by snow.

I’ll be getting back to people who made offers for the van today, starting with the larger offer, then working temporally through the ones that were identically smaller if that doesn’t fly.  That’ll invoke urgency about clearing it out the rest of the way.

I need to reply to a family member about promoting the site of a brick and mortar (almost literally) business online.

There’s stuff related to job hunting, prospective jobs, the business, and the always present need to clean and organize and file and so forth.

There’s Carnival of the Capitalists for the week.  Not to mention I’ve been wanting to post some content over there.  Other stuff comes before it, even if it’s delayed until Wednesday, and I can work on it late at night if needed.

It’ll be a busy day.  And the kids are all bursting into tears if you so much as think something negative in their general vicinity, which always helps.  Or ask them to answer a demanding question like “is that Valerie’s cup?”

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