Soup Redefined

My mother gave us some produce she’d gotten cheap the other day, and among a few other things thrown in were two discarded cans of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup my grandmother no longer eats.  Cool, since I’d eat it, even if I moved on to preferring other styles of soup.  The kids had never had it.  Deb never liked it.  For me it’s childhood.  Kind of like a fluffernutter.

Yesterday Deb tried feeding it to them for second lunch, or whatever the 3:00 meal was.  She carefully showed and explained that this was chicken noodle, not tomato.

Once it was ready and in their bowls, they were puzzled and completely uninterested.  I could hear them from here saying “I want soup!” Apparently it’s not soup if it’s not tomato.

That went in the fridge and she made them tomato.  they ate almost an entire can between them.  Usually we have a can split four ways, along with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Last time we did that it was because Sadie asked for grilled cheese and tomato soup by name.

So there you have it: Soup has been redefined to mean tomato soup.  Chicken noodle is chopped liver.

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