Something tells me that it’s time to go somewhere with air conditioning.

When you wake up at quarter to seven in the morning and it’s 68 degrees and *foggy*, you know you’re in for it.

When you check the forecast and it says 88, but it’s 10:45 and already 86, you can be pretty sure you were right about the being-in-for-it thing.

Current heat index: 96 degrees at 11 AM. 


Posted by on 07/10 at 02:58 PM
  1. Wanna come hang at the pool?  I was going to shoot an email out anyway, and then I read this, LOL I have to go get E and K from SHARp, but I’ll be back at my parents around 12:30.  Let me know!

    Posted by Sharon  on  07/10  at  02:30 PM  from 
  2. Got up to start getting stuff in car to head for VT this morning. Could not believe the heat that early. Had a hair cut at 11:30 and out of Plympton by 1 PM! Have to say its much cooler here. Hope you took Sharon’s invitation to pool!

    Posted by  on  07/11  at  12:26 AM  from 
  3. Being from Texas, where it hits 90+ in late May and doesn’t let up until early October with lots and lots of humidity - I’ve been so thankful for a relatively cool, un-humid summer here in DC.  The locals like to think it’s hot and humid - I just laugh. 

    Also, I’m hoping to get a two for one tag with you and Jay grin

    Posted by Beth  on  07/11  at  12:44 AM  from 
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