Sleeping Val

So it seems Valerie has finally come to appreciate a full and largely unbroken night of sleep, learning from her sister, who sleeps like a teenager.  She’s pretty thoroughly night weaned, and generally a drink substitutes for why she’d be looking to nurse.  If she has a cup in bed with her, she’s golden.

Now we have to get used to it.

Apparently we’re decompressing in response to the ability to get more sleep, so instead of waking and getting up early unprompted, or in response to Valerie, I wake and find it’s 9:00 the past two mornings.  Not good!  Too much to do.  Granted, yesterday that was hours and hours of massaging 129 MB of data to create a much smaller sample, right from home, and it wasn’t impacted much.

Today’s itinerary goes something like:

Drop the cards in the mail.  Really!  Ideally over at the Brockton post office in hopes of gaining back the day we lost.

Go to the bank.

Go to the bakery near the bank and get goodies for the big client.

Go to the office.

Run through a laundry list of “help me Obi-Wan!” requests and problems.

Go to the insurance agent.

Go to the registry.

Go to the office.

Go home, possibly via the store, at least the farm stand.

Wish I had enough time to roast the beef.

Take the roast beef out to see what its sell by date is.

Possibly cook it if the above makes me panic, even if it’s not in time for supper.

Finish the making chicken soup I started last night.

Have supper, which may or may not include last night’s chicken, which seems to have developed an awfully strong and not so pleasant smell from the combination of spices applied to the skin for baking, so may not be appealing anymore.

So yeah, that’s not a list one starts late, and the registration part of things… probably not happening today.

Tomorrow it’s back to an alarm, even if I sleep like crap a good part of the night as I did last night.  There’s too much to do.

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