It seems we have to clarify the possibility that Henry is allergic/sensitive to raw pear, if mildly, and not with apparent oral symptoms, just rash.  Including clarifying whether that carries over to cooked pear, which it might if the relation is more of a latex allergy cross-reaction versus a birch pollen allergy cross-reaction.  Banana would fall under the former.  And if there were a severe enough latex allergy, we’d have seen more signs, so it may be more of a convenient categorization than anything full-blown.

Poor kid.

And this could have nothing to do with raw pear, but instead have to do with dust and places he’s sat or crawled today.

Speaking of which, he made the girls look like amateurs in the “destructo” department today,

I have a second desk, which Sadie is at in this picture.  On it I have the posts and a single shelf of one of those heavy duty plastic storage shelving units.  It’s pretty stable (or was), and allows me to have a couple monitors on the desk, with the shelf above them.  On the shelf are a pair of interruptible power supplies, answering machine, a couple milk crates with stuff in them, and on top of those some speakers and a computer not actually plugged in (apparently it’s catching, because at this point in my typing Valerie cam up behind me and knocked the shelf down worse than he did, except missing the opportunity to hurl a computer several feet).  It’s been this way for approaching a year.

While Deb was outside with the girls playing in the yard, he was on my lap, and while I wasn’t looking managed to partially collapse the shelf.  Partially, because I caught it, at the price of letting him drop to the floor beside the chair.  The extra computer, one with source code from the old business, software of theoretical merit that is unlikely to get finished or used, but could potentially, went over me and landed on my desk, against the monitor.  That’s several feet, at an angle through the air.  No idea how I didn’t get hurt.  The woofer part of the speakers fell, detached, and just missed Henry’s head when it thudded to the floor.  I just realized minutes ago the answering machine was on the floor, upside-down, with the power unplugged, and had just put it back before Valerie struck.  A container of tools also landed on the floor and broke.

So a seven month old baby, who’s just a tad strong, managed to collapse what had been stable, and untouched by the girls, since before he was born.  Then Valerie apparently noted it was different enough to get curious and pull a leg until it collapsed again.  Go, kids!

Instead of merely picking up and putting stuff back, I decided to incorporate that into the much pending office rearranging project.  Which I then had to drop to make supper and stuff, so I was just on the verge of getting back to it, while trying to keep Valerie from trashing stuff I can’t replace that scattered onto the floor.  I’m the keeper of photos of former colleagues, with pictures of a large number of them from 1995 through 1998.  They got scattered by the shelf falling.

They wonder why I get cranky and yell at them.

Okay, I need to clean up, see if the monitor that’s off and won’t turn on was killed by Valerie or just came unplugged, fix or swap Sadie’s bed, make Valerie’s bed, get them to bed for the night, and so forth.

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  1. The daughter of a friend at church is allergic to pears in any form. They have to read the labels of all fruit juices to make sure there’s no pear juice added. I think they’ve narrowed down particular brands to avoid.

    Pear seems to be easier to avoid than say, milk. Milk problems are a pain to adapt to.

    Posted by jen  on  04/06  at  10:52 AM  from  Northern Virginia
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