I went to the office Friday night and came home late last night, spending a lot of time working on servers, and having people help with prep and maintenance of workstations.  Initially it went fine, but in the end, after from-scratch reinstalls of Windows 2003 Server.  Then I ended up in the same place; the servers unable to see each other.  One of them is also plugged into the internet and sees that fine.  One of them is also plugged into the old network and sees that fine.  Each other?  Not so much. 

Yet it worked at first.  I was all ready to move into the Exchange setup phase.  Which really means doing a bunch of preparatory stuff I don’t yet grok first, because instead of just being a setup, Exchange 2003 setup asks what kind of setup you mean to do and then gives you a checklist of stuff to do for whichever one you choose.  This whole Active Directory thing is so whacky.  And newfangled!  It’s only been around since Windows 2000 Server, after all.

Anyway, I found evidence that the problem might be a matter of registry permissions.  I saved investigating that for today, when the last thing I want to do is go back and continue this.  I’m a zombie, and that’s after 3 1/2 mugs of strongish coffee.

Meanwhile, I described the situation to a mailing list I am on of people who Know Things.  The reply so far is “you’re doing WHAT?!  No, don’t!” Which is probably half accurate assessment, and half not realizing what all the details are and imply.  For instance, the trust relationship is temporary.  On the other hand, apparently trying to have two domain controllers is a Really Bad Thing.  Who knew!  Maybe it’s way too NT of me, but I assumed having a backup controller would be a Good Thing.

I think I may have to change the configuration again, and ironically doing so may be easiest if I reinstall.  Again.  But hey, I’m getting closer each time.

It’s also starting to appear that the new network would come off better with one server to do nothing but be the controller, which I had no reason to expect previously, when I assured them they’d bought everything they’ll need for a while.  Well, server-wise anyway.

I tried to get Dell to quote me for Microsoft Office licenses and the guy there refused because I should wait until the new release comes out in November.  The one that won’t run on most of the computers we have.  So ironically another guy at Dell last week notifies us that there is a rebate program from Microsoft if you buy licenses of the current version, and we should hurry to take advantage of it.  Doh.  Scary that they can offer a rebate of $125 per unit.  That implies the licenses are perhaps double or so the cost I might have expected.

Oh well.  Apparently writing this helped wake my brain up.  Either that or that final(?) half mug off coffee took me over some threshhold in which caffeine trumps dopamine or seratonin or whatever causes the zombie plague.  Barely.

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