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The kids seem to have made it their mission to ruin my experience watching American Idol, or better yet, prevent it.  Last night they extended that to prevented my writing a quick post.  Granted, not like they were preventing me from writing a resume or something, but…

At least the baby has been good about it.  He was funny, totally hating Elliot Yamin’s performance, kneeling there and babbling angry-sounding sentence-length reactions that didn’t have coherent words, but sounded on the verge of it.  He liked Mariah Carey’s excessively long but acceptable and “she’s clearly a good singer” performance.

So now the results are known, I’ll just say that it’s even clearer this week that this season the people in charge are taking the voting to be suggestions.  Except… hard to believe Carly would have been spared from the bottom 3, even if they decided Kristy’s time was up.  And it may actually have been the voters, and Dial Idol can no longer be considered anything close to a reflection of how the voting skewed.  Without regard to that, I did predict Carly and Kristy as bottom 2 the night of the show, with Carly going home.  Kristy being bottom only on the idea Brooke had a bigger fan base and Kristy had too much anti-fan built up from her earlier struggles.  Which makes Carly not even being in the bottom 3 the bigger surprise.  I liked it fine, but she has too much negativity around her.  If the votes were used, and the results actually reflected in what happened on the elimination, then there was probably backlash for the judges trashing Carly.

Heh.  That’s what I already said, so I guess I called it, and should ignore those who purport to predict.  Here is what I had in the editor toward my post last night, most of which is direct copy and paste, typos, shorthand and all, from my Twitter live-tweeting.  Twitter entries (tweets) are limited to 140 characters each:

I’m trying to throw together a quick American Idol post before the results show, which I can then append with reaction to results, which would make it briefly spoilerish if you’re in a delayed time zone.  I can do this because I live-tweeted the show last night with Twitter, via the Blackberry, and have my brief thoughts as I watched.  This puts them together and expands on them slightly.

Achoo-bot sounded *good* to me. It’s his kind of music, but sounded better than usual to me.

Forgot MC covered Without You, Badfinger originally. Great job by Carly. Henry loved it.

They really want Carly to go, even if they are somewhat right.

Syesha sounded fine, if you like the genre. Judges happy. Simon disagrees about obscure song pick.

a song I know? Brooke rules accompanying self on piano. Liked a lot. She’s beoing cute too.

Kristy keeps developing more star presence. And nice singing. She went from lucky to be there still to belonging.

MC is impressing as a mentor. Great attitude to revamps of stuff she wrote.

David Cook is outstanding. Wow. He’s as commercial as judges say. Simon spot on.

This is arguably the best Jason Castro has been yet. Randy was nuts, Simon good points.

Going home, Kristy or Carly. Not Carly only if voting backfire of judge trashing plus Kristy overdue.

So there you have it.  Chances are it’ll be Carly next week.  Chances are that, barring anything odd happening, it’ll be a finale between the Davids.

Deb observed that the public is more interested in rock than the Idol powers that be think they are or want them to be.  Country goes well, but the bland, generic pop does not.  Amanda may not be quite what people are looking for, and Robby may have been a pretender, but Michael Johns should sell, David Cook will sell well, and Carly Smithson will sell well in that genre.  Her prior deal was the record people trying to manufacture something that wasn’t her.  I’ve gone from suspicion and dislike to being intrigued by what she might produce down the road.

That said, because of the way Idol works and what Idol wants, they are best off getting Archuletta.  They’ll get their Clay-like winner who will sell relatively well.  David, Carly, Michael, Brooke, Kristy, Chikezie, Amanda are all better off not to have won it, so they have the fame but more freedom to be who they are.  Then again, to their credit and his, Taylor’s album was about what you’d expect, and was good.  It’s just that his being voted in didn’t translate to sales and excitement, and the album wasn’t amazing enough for a breakthrough.

Anyway, this was supposed to be brief, and I have absurd amounts to do.  E-mails, dishes, another store run (didn’t realize we needed diapers, and they’re cheaper and better at Stop & Shop than Hannaford), site stuff, resume stuff, e-mails, more posts here and there, etc.

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