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Don’t mind me.  This is mostly composing aloud of my list of things I need to get at the store, following a quick run to the post office with another sold book.  The budget for the grocery run is $25.  Diapers should take $6.49 of it, unless I buy them elsewhere and juggle other money toward them, which is possible considering how ideal Market Basket is for buying food itself.  I can look at this list here from the store if needed. Hooray for technology!

Besides the errands, I’m still working on the office, and today playing with some web and database code, which may be significantly easier than I had anticipated.  Since working on code, be it that as a possible project, creating a portfolio of what I have done, or trying to dredge out stuff I can complete and make available, or fiddle with to learn more, means needing to hook up at least one additional computer and improve the lab environment, the office rearranging project goes hand in hand.

I still haven’t heard back on the contract I interviewed for.  I need to e-mail the guy there and others.  I did hear from the bank, where my online banking has never worked.  Before they escalated it, they had me try it live on the phone to capture a server log of the attempt.  It’ll be interesting to see what the problem is.  I have to wonder if it’s FiOS or my router the FiOS comes through.

Anyway, what do I need to remember?

Meat. Depends what is on sale. We have none, period, and can use chicken and ground beef, for starters.  Pork or unground beef are valid options.  I could easily buy $50 of meat to restock, before even getting to anything else.  With the dairy ban for Deb, we shoot for high fat more than we normally would.

Carrots (best price is there, or I might skip)
Beans, maybe lentils too (almost out of 64 oz bag of pintos, out of all else but split peas)
Frozen veggies (just a few cheap bags to interrupt the drought)
Milk (not out, but cheapest place for it)
Spaghetti sauce
Possibly some fresh veggies, sweet potatoes, butternut, or fruit depending on prices or sales
Maybe coffee creamer
Maybe coffee
Maybe tuna (goal of kids actually eating)
Maybe tomato soup (ditto)
Butter if still low there (ditto - Sadie can tell the difference, eats bread plain rather than with margarine)

I know I’m forgetting something and I’ll remember as soon as I walk out into the kitchen.  I hope.

There are things low, like ketchup and rice, that can wait.  I can do scratch rather than needing Bisquick.

Vegetable oil (using a lot where I’d put butter or margarine in pan to fry stuff, avoiding dairy)
Peanut butter, if they have a good price
Oatmeal, ditto

That may actually be it.  It’s just that the innocent entries for meats and veggies could easily overwhelm the whole thing.  Then if there’s a must have sale, that adds to it.  Since I lost the flier, I should see if it’s online the way most are…

Huh.  It appears Demoulas Market Basket supermarkets have no web presence.  Weird indeed.

Anyway, off to it before the day slips any further.


I found the paper flier for this week.  They have some nice sales, especially on beef and hamburger.  That helps.

The kids are having a trauma over who will go with me…

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