Shock! Dismay!

Time to get around to my American Idol post-elimination commentary.

Michael Johns?  Are people nuts?

Not that he could ever win, and not that he was consistently good.  In fact, he had trouble most weeks when he did anything but Queen or the Doors.  However, his rendition of Dream On was good, except a bit of trauma in the high spot at the end.  Thing is, he’s a performer.  He’s the total package - an “idol,” as it were.

He’ll do fine.  I don’t think the rumors that he’s a prick who has screwed over previous bandmates will stop that, even if true.  People recover from far worse to win fame and fortune.

The other part of it was the pretty firm prediction in some quarters that while Syesha and Carly had the lowest number of votes, nobody would be eliminated.  I wasn’t buying that, and sure enough, it wasn’t true.  It was a one time thing, last year when Idol Gives Dreck doubled as an elimination show, sparing the negative.  Ryan Seacrest certainly seemed to be playing it as if that could be the outcome, the way he did all the safes first.  Still, it was obvious there would be an elimination, and Carly was toast.  Johns was so good, he overcame being pointedly placed in the death slot.

I’d like to trust the person who said that of they come right out and say that the person leaving had “the lowest number of votes,” there’s no finagling and we can believe it.  However, that was also the first source of the “no elimination” inside information for this week.  I have sometimes wondered if there are weeks when the actual vote totals are treated merely as suggestions by the powers that be.

All the shock aside, he’d have been lucky to make it to 4th place, tops.  This year 8th places is impressive.

That leaves Carly as the next most likely, depending exactly how Syesha does and how demographics play out, with Kristy or Jason always possible in a given week.  We can’t really predict until they sing, and then it can be sketchy.  The only truly safe one until the finale, barring sufficiently public evil antics by Dadchuletta, is the Achoo-Bot.  Who I finally realized reminds me of Michael Jackson when he talks.  And didn’t MJ have a father rumored to be overbearing?

Apparently next week’s episode is the music of some generic pop woman who never had a hit that reached my consciousness, and whose prominence would barely be known to me if not for the judges always telling contestants not to sing her stuff.  Ironic.

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  1. The votes are basically fake.  It’s not a contest with a prize at the end, so there’s no legal requirement that they tally up the votes accurately.  Read the AI disclaimers on the show.  It basically says that they can choose the winner themselves if they like.

    Posted by rob sama  on  04/12  at  01:53 PM  from 
  2. I’m surprised that Kristy Lee Cook has lasted as long as she has. She does really well when she does country western but seems to struggle once she gets out of her comfort zone, meaning any genre other than country western.

    Posted by DCE  on  04/13  at  01:23 AM  from 
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