Computer started to whine.  Not that the poor thing isn’t eight years old, ignoring the nearly complete replacement of parts since then.  It’s kind of understandable.  I’d just been thinking about a major backup project of stuff I wouldn’t want to lose off of it, too.

My experience came in handy.

See, there was a burst of video cards that came with cooling fans on them.  The old big client had a spate of noisy machines.  It took massive an annoying amount of time and effort before I found out it was dying fans on those video cards, and that it was as easy as unplugging the little fans from their power plugs on the cards.  Nothing ever overheated enough to be a factor, and if it had, replacing the video cards was easy and inexpensive.

Trouble was, the power supply, hard drive, case fans, and CPU fan all came to mind before I even remembered or credited as a possibility the fan on the video card.

This time, though, the only thing I tested first was the rear case fan.  Then I unplugged the video card fan and was all set.  Yay!  The machine got a good dusting in the process, and I cleared the backlog of stuff piled on top of it.  That had the salutary effect of coming across a part to the exersaucer’s toybar the girls broke off before their brother arrived.  I was able to fix that well enough that he’ll get some enjoyment out of it.  He loves the saucer if anything even better than they did, so it was sad that part was missing.  The duct tape makes it look redneck, but all we have to do is get through one more kid and the thing can retire, having entertained at least six babies like a champ.  It’s a tossup whether that or the baby gym are tops.  Both are must haves, really.

Okay, now to work.  I insist I am going to do something more directly revenue-related before I even do another supporting errand or function or post on a blog that gets current or potential ad money as secondary or eventual income.  Sheesh.

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