Say, Cheese?

I’d meant to note that Henry ate cheese that Valerie helpfully gave him the other day, colby jack, with no apparent problem.  That followed a couple instances when he’d sucked on but apparently not injected anything from dried slivers of the same.  It’s the all-around cheese we buy for the sake of having some cheese in the house, sometimes.

That would fit the histamine theory regarding the cheddar.

It’s also of interest in relation to the milk he apparently had issues with being flavored, and there always being a chance it was that, as well as the possibility cheese would be processed enough to be fine, apart from the histamine thing.

He’s fine so far with everything wheat, and he seems fine with beans.  He seemed to react to something in orange Kool-Aid.  Not clear about the lemon Kool-Aid.  He’s been fine with both Country Time and generic lemonades that already contain sugar, but not with the same basic stuff in punch flavor.  I’m still not completely convinced he isn’t bothered mildly by something in Club crackers.  His skin’s been variable but overall better than ever since eliminating sweet potatoes.  The variability could be spices or stuff that’s moderate keeping it active to varying degrees.

Anyway, just meant to mention the cheese thing, which is intriguing.  It’s a good thing he doesn’t have a peanut allergy, as the girls are very helpful at keeping him from avoiding foods completely.

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  1. Are you sure Henry isn’t reacting to the red dye used in the orange and punch flavored Kool-Aid?

    Posted by Omnibus Driver  on  06/23  at  01:00 PM  from 
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