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Sadie draws obsessively, and has started trying to copy letters, which hasn’t worked out great so far.  Besides having ramped up the effort to save some of what she does, we’ve been taking pictures.  Most of them are people, and those have grown in complexity.  Today she drew a snowman, which was different.

This first one, I have no idea what it was supposed to be, but it reminds me of a slice of pizza.  She isn’t saying or doesn’t remember, or there was no special intent.  It’s a somewhat older one, compared to others that may get posted.  I love the little person on it, so I got a closeup to post here as well.

The third picture is different from the norm, but is an intentional depiction of people swimming in a pool.  Apparently she likes going swimming that much and remembers it that well.  Not sure it got saved, but just the other day she was working on a similar drawing, all in red, of people in a pool.

This morning I introduced her to traditional lead pencils and their erasers, so she’s all excited.  We went through shapes and the alphabet, where I showed her how the letters are just combinations and variations on lines, curves and shapes.  When she followed me into the office and was frustrated by the lack of a surface, I gave her a 14” clipboard and showed her how it can hold paper.  She loved that and filled all the sheets before going back to paper on a table.  Anyway, here are the first three I had ready to post (click to embiggen, as always)…


Sadie wandered in just after I posted this, when I was looking at the post and making sure the links to big versions worked.  I had named the little person “littleguy” when I saved it.  Apparently that was appropriate, since she got all excited about “little guy! Sadie Rose little guy.” And that was in the pizza picture, before I scrolled and showed her the closeup.  She loved that and babbled about drawing a little guy with eyes and a mouth and a nose.

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  1. This reminds me of the first open house I attended when Bryson was in kindergarten. I was raising him as a single mom and the kids were instructed to draw their families. There was the usual houses and mommy daddy figures outside with pets. And there I was larger than life, colored in yellow marker, complete with mom boobs and nipplage, with a little yellow Bryson right beside me. It’s all in the interpretation I guess. It only gets better! Deb

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