RIP The Exersaucer

This week, the exersaucer you’ve seen in many baby pictures went to toy heaven.  It was sad, but it was too beat to hand down, after a total of six kids beat on it.  It was handed down to us by an employee of a client, who’d had it for her three kids.  When Sadie first used it, she was so small we had to prop her with towels, back in the Stoughton apartment.

By the time it got to Henry, before he could use it, I’d tied the cloth seat on with secondary ties of heavy yarn, to supplement the original elastic ones, saggy and about to fail.  That made it less bouncy, but meant it could be used.  I also had to put the toy bar that represents half the play value back on with glue and duct tape, giving it character.  That held until well after he outgrew it.  Which he did early, because he’s so huge.  The kids broke that off again by turning the thing upside down and smooshing it into the floor.

They all played with it, if not for its intended purpose, until the end.  I actually tried to take it apart while they weren’t looking.  Sadie was mildly sad, but more fascinated with how it came apart, and how I got the pieces into trash bags.

Well, have kids and that about covers it, so end of this post.  Right Henry?j hgjgjhlj;?:yrf

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