I swear this backup software has to be one of the most poorly designed programs I have ever encountered.  It’s the kind of thing you imagine being made intentionally complicated to keep IT guys well employed and ensure that the technoproles stay in their place.

Which is intriguing, given that it was foisted on my client by the much larger IT services firm we brought in to do the Exchange migration, with a pat on the head there, there, it’ll be much more cost effective than Veritas Backup Exec.

Yeah right.  Backup Exec is one of the easiest programs I’ve encountered.  Heck, ArcServe wasn’t that bad either.

The big problem is that the backup that took Backup Exec no more than five hours takes over eighteen for Retrospect.  So I tried to make changes and that’s when I learned the software is nearly impossible to use.  That, and the guy who set it up included upwards of 12 gigabytes of extraneous stuff.  Doh.

It’s this and much, much more that’s been keeping me so busy I might as well be invisible to the blogging world.

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