Really, really worth reading.

Sorry to link and run, but have I mentioned the three kids three-and-under thing?  Yeah.

Anyway, if you read one thing today, read this.  It’s about just how badly not sleeping will fuck your kids up.  Answer: it really, really fucks them up.  Fascinating stuff.

I also feel better now about being completely inflexible about the kids’ bedtimes.  Of course, I’m that inflexible because it’s not hard to see that disruptions screw them up for days.  In fact, the whole not-sleeping for school thing is one of the reasons we’re still thinking about homeschooling. 

Anyway, go read.

(From here.)

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  1. that was a great article.  I love when they present science fairly.

    Posted by caltechgirl  on  10/17  at  05:04 PM  from 
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