Randomness and Resume Repost

I think I’m going to spend part of the day cleaning the office before I get back into job hunting.  Well, that and I need to run to the store for milk and peanut butter at some point.  And I may toss a chicken in the oven from the freezer, with low heat to thaw and cook it slowly and warm the house, though the next two days are supposed to be colder.  I seem to be having a problem with having lost warming fat with all that weight, because in what should not be uncomfortable conditions, I am bundled up and still cold.  If I don’t do the chicken, I might get yeast and try bread without milk.  The recipe I’d been using calls for milk, but that’s not universal.  We’re putting back the wheat for Deb before we put back the milk.

Anyway, the point of this random post, going up here because I don’t have any birthdays to be filler, is to post my resume again, partly in case there is any traffic from Mediacasters.tv.  I’ll maybe also link the resume near the top of the sidebar.

This is what I’d call a general technical and managerial resume.  I need to create one (well, a new and improved one) oriented toward online content, editing, writing, etc., for those prospective options, which really don’t overlap much with the ones where mentioning blogging new media can be detrimental, or at least not helpful.

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