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There are no birthdays today, but I need to write a post to get some better flow going.  Putting a repost over at Bizosphere doesn’t really qualify as writing and collecting thoughts, interesting as it was to read a few of my old posts.  I have two good ones, already located and selected to be reposted on other days.  All of which is not entirely superfluous, even if it isn’t immediately remunerative.  I need a “best of” portfolio of sorts ready to show for the possibility of writing work, or even related work like blog managing or editing.

None of which takes working on a more technically oriented resume off my today list.  Associated with that is updating my LinkedIn profile, which helps me review the details and causes my info to show as recently updated, attracting views.

That also matters because it’s a marketing tool even for side or part time work through the business.  After all, I am marketing the business as me.  Suppose I were to send solicitations out to local small businesses.  It would be reasonable to make a resume part of that package, along with a cover letter/flier.  I know someone who had remarkable results with that approach in a similar service business.

This weekend I also need to complete an e-mail to a former client.

Along with the pitch and personal update e-mail I sent to the employees of my former big client yesterday, which resulted in an immediate bit of work Monday, there are others like that I will want to remind I exist and point to what I am offering.  Word of mouth and all.  The fact that I will be going to the former client’s place Monday should underscore the e-mail.

Speaking of which, I am also waiting on a tiny bit of work from said former client.  I believe it’s a go, but now I have to wait for them to give me the information I need.

Stopped and lost my mojo on what I was writing.  Where was I?

I’d been thinking of roasting a small chicken today, but come to think of it, that’s still in the freezer.  Perhaps I should put it in the fridge, cook it tomorrow, then we have residual food enough from the exercise for at least Monday.  Days of little or no cooking are useful.  We’re falling into more of a system of turns cooking, strategic use of leftovers/large batches for no or light cooking days, and some meals that are inherently quicker to make.  If the chicken is tomorrow, and there are no leftovers for tonight, that just leaves the question of what to make for supper today.  Last night was fried leftover mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.  Mashed potatoes will feature heavily in the next couple days or so as well, I think, since we have a second 5 lb bag eager to repopulate the earth with potato plants.  Silly potatoes.

Then again, the chicken would thaw partway in a couple hours, and could be cooked from frozen far more easily than I’ve done with turkeys.  Hmmm…

Let’s see.  Resume, LinkedIn, resume info at other job/hire me types of sites, clean out cars, make sure they still run, gather info like mileage so I know what to say about them so I can list them for sale, more work on the web site, yada yada.

There was another break most of the way through that paragraph.  Lunch was burgers, popcorn with parm & romano, and cheesecake flavored pudding (which is excellent).  Well, except Henry had apricot baby food and oatmeal.  Tried giving the girls their burger (they each get half) on bread for a change.  Sadie ate the whole thing, but didn’t even want popcorn on her plate.  Valerie ate 1/4 of the bread, no burger, and a pile of popcorn.  They both ate the pudding, of course.

I’ve discovered that I really like the horseradish mustard I bought a while back, and a dab of that, a tiny bit of relish (which I’d call optional), and a dollop of mayo swirled together make a great “secret sauce” sort of thing.

We decided supper will be my attempt at homemade pilaf/Rice-a-Roni, plus veggies, probably butternut and grean beans.  The chicken will be tomorrow, followed by leftovers and/or soup, then Tuesday can be a day for cooking a pot of beans.  Those go in burritos and/or chili (or can be turned into other things), and will cover Tuesday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday if we skip a day between.  Perhaps some homemade tortillas, if we have burritos in mind.  Not to mention those are cheap and can make many other things.

Since I’m looking forward at what we’ll eat for the week, I think it’s safe to say that the first open day will probably be filled by pasta, which takes us to Saturday before we have to consider what to have for anchor meals.

I should make more bread somewhere in there, get practiced at it.

Anyway, kind of silly I am still working on my obligatory morning “get my bearings” post.  I think it’s time to get to work, soon as I pour a mug of coffee to keep me company.

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