Gloria Constance Irving would have been 75 today.  She was the second child of seven and first daughter of three of my mother’s parents.  She died February 12, 1934.

Nine months isn’t as young as I grew up thinking it was.  There’s a lot of distinctive person there, and a lot of intensive time spent.  With that sharpened appreciation of just how traumatic it had to be, I’ve always sort of kept my fingers mentally crossed and noted the passing of the nine month point as significant.

Which in our observation it is regardless.  We have a theory of nine months inside and nine months outside before baby is done cooking, after observing how dramatically they leap into clearer personhood at nine months.

Henry will be nine months old tomorrow.

Henry is on the verge of taking steps, having become talented at standing and even doing stuff like drinking while he stands.

Henry appears to have survived trying green beans last night, and enjoyed them, so that’s good.  The other day, Deb rubbed his belly with wool yarn to test his reaction, of which one had been apparent.  Nothing.  Later, I tested Suave shampoo, Irish Spring, soy oil, pork grease (which would also have contained traces of soy oil used in the pan originally), my antiperspirant, our current bar of hand soap, and Equate liquid hand soap, all rubbed on his skin.  That might not say anything about reaction to ingesting the edible ones.  Nothing.  Well, except maybe a tiny little reaction, small enough not to be certain, to the pork grease of all things, and which I only tried because he’d eaten pork as part of a meal he seemed to and shouldn’t possibly have been able to get itchy from.  But he may also have eaten found food and reacted to that.

In general, he’s been good and we’ve been managing it pretty well, but against food boredom for him we vainly struggle.

I survived the Easter egg hunt gathering yesterday.  Which was made interesting by an inexplicable flareup of knee pain, which had been kind of in check until I went down the stairs, and by Valerie gluing herself to me almost the entire time.  Sadie seemed like she’d be standoffish forever, but she’s totally confident, self-directed, and interactive with other people.  She had a blast, flying a kite, and is excited that the wind she so loathes is actually good for something.

The kids got in last straw trouble last night, though, after Sadie was caught puring water out of the tub, onto the floor, which required two additional bath mats to get mostly dry.  No more bath toys, and that’s one of the reasons I’m in a clean and organize the place mood today, trying to get them reordered.

Also on the agenda, I have to pick up a couple groceries, and Deb needs to get material for a custom order.

And on that note, and seeing other people start to get up, off I go.

Well, except to note that I appear to be down another pound this morning, which makes 46 from my peak and 36 this year.  Yay!

Well, and except to note that I was able to solve an RSS problem for Ith that had been longstanding.  Go me!  (It was actually easy to diagnose.)

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