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People are eating or occupied.  I managed to spill blood and have to bandage my foot last time I started actually doing something away from the computer or without a kid on me.  We need to resolve the kid on one of us problem, but I fear that’s a matter of waiting it out for a couple more months.

Or not.

Okay, done with Valerie and talking.

I was going to tell about the whole interview thing, in some detail, if not in a single post.  Let’s do the short version, even though I closed my door, since I closed the door to do work, and 2/3 of the kids can open it anyway.  (Okay, maybe not such a short version, ultimately.)

Train arrived on time.  I was hopelessly confused about where to go, even on foot, even with good directions, because it’s the city.  It was cold and sleeting, which didn’t help.  I managed to find the building and then had to call when I was on the right floor, because I had the wrong company name.  He’d never said, but I found him online under the name of the business before he merged with a larger firm.  I still almost made it by the tentative time of 11:00.

We talked apparently for close to an hour.  I figure it’s possible but not likely I will get the job.  If I do, it may start as a 1099 trial basis, or be because of what he hears from references.  He’s mulling it over a few days.  The biggest problem is lack of focus.  Ideally there’s a label he could apply, where I’d be the X expert - setting up servers, deploying desktops, programming, whatever.  That’s a matter both of my skills and my preferences, and my preferences, weak in the first place, don’t fit well with what there’d be demand for at their size.  On the other hand, my location is good for where they are starting to expand - most work being from home to clients, rarely involving the office (though many clients are in Boston).

Frankly, I could see being called in on a temp basis to help on projects, if I were continuing to otherwise freelance, and I might suggest keeping me in mind for that in any event.

It did go reasonably well and I liked the guy.  We had a fairly animated discussion.  I was embarrassed at how poorly we did focusing and marketing XTreme, and how little client base we had, but the whole thing was weird and I was there so long mainly out of stubborn inertia and sense of obligation to the one big client.  I tend to downplay myself, so it was interesting near the end when I talked about having setup SBS (Small Business Server) 2003 for a client, from scratch, with e-mail and so forth, and he was impressed because he considers that hard and requiring comprehensive knowledge.

Look for post(s) soon where I muse aloud about focus and what I want to be when I grow up.

When I left there, I was only mildly confused getting to my other destination.  I’d noticed funky cherry pickers with bright lights shining on a building at High and Oliver Streets, but thought nothing of it.  Even asked a couple of guys manning one of them for directions, thinking they were construction, and they pleaded having just come in from out of town.  On my way out, at that corner a crowd of people were watching the windows a few floors up, where the lights were directed, chattering about Sandra Bullock filming there.  I saw her on my first look up there, then once more after a while, but I saw a lot of an unfamiliar actor.  They were filming something called The Proposal, which is apparently shooting mainly in Gloucester, according to IMDB.

That gave me an excuse to stand around less obtrusively, pecking at the Blackberry and being amused by the crowd and the situation.  Having gotten my bearings, I headed off to the building where Rob Sama works.  I met a friend of Rob’s on one floor, to discuss a possible two week temp gig covering a vacation.  We immediately concluded that he needed someone more up on the latest stuff and able to hit the ground as an advanced admin, but it was great to meet him, and he went up with me to see Rob.  Then I hung out with Rob for a while, talking about this and that, until I thought I needed to move it to get the train.  It was great to meet Rob in person after “knowing” him since 2003, early in my blogging.

Turned out it was closer and faster than I thought, getting back to South Station, but that’s not a bad place to hang out.

I’d been thinking it’d be fun for the kids to ride the train sometime, but it made little sense without a destination.  Turns out the Children’s Museum is right near the station, so there you go.  Eventually.  If we can keep a roof over our heads and everyone fed in the meantime.

Other takeaways, besides the focus thing, included the need to do the blogging version of the resume ASAP, the need to push the side work, and a heightened perception of the side work as being potentially more than side work.  That and an appreciation of my former colleagues, and good turns apparently coming around.  The resume got to my interviewer via a guy I used to go out of my way to give rides to work, back in 1994.  Wow.

Okay, enough writing and resting the gouged foot, on with the day.

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  1. It was great to meet you too Jay.  Don’t be a stranger!

    Posted by Rob Sama  on  04/01  at  07:24 PM  from 
  2. You must take the children to that museum - their childhood wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t. And BTW, being social is for WoWtards.

    Posted by Dan  on  04/02  at  01:46 AM  from  Hanson, MA
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