Password Expiration Problem

People are being informed in Outlook 2003 and Outlook Web Access that their passwords will expire in so many days, having started at 14, and now at 7 days.

On individual accounts, passwords are set to never expire.

When the problem started, I discovered there was an overriding policy defaulting to expiration every 42 days.  I changed that so the domain policy is never expires, and that should have been the end of it.

It’s not.  The message still comes up.

So far the only thing I have been finding is how to enable the ability for a user to change passwords remotely through OWA, which is cool, but not what we need.

I posed this problem to a mailing list teaming with experts and got no response.  That was surprising.  On the off chance anyone knows anything, figured I’d post it here too.  If I find a solution, I’ll post that too so maybe the next person searching will find the answer readily.

Posted by on 12/18 at 04:52 PM
  1. sorry, no idea how to fix that, but I am sorry.

    I hate outlook with a deep burning hatred, so I feel your pain.

    Posted by caltechgirl  on  12/18  at  06:47 PM  from 
  2. I’m starting to lean toward gentle persuasion with either a sledge hammer or a shot gun.

    Posted by wRitErsbLock  on  12/19  at  06:28 PM  from  Orlando
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