Pardon my language, but…


There’s nothing like having three kids in three years to draw stupid comments.  I’ve been letting people think it’s an accident because it seems to upset them less that way around.

Why I care, of course, I’ll never know.  But I sort of wish that instead of telling the whole world about what we’ll be doing for birth control, I’d found an offensive answer to hand out in honor of the offensive question.

Because really, people.  Not. Your. Business.

Posted by on 07/10 at 11:16 AM
  1. Once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times…

    Posted by triticale  on  07/10  at  10:01 PM  from  the you know house
  2. I can’t believe people ask you such things! How freaking rude!

    Though I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve been asked often enough things like, “But don’t you want to get married and have children?” Yes, thank you for asking something so personal so that now I feel even more like a loser than I did before! ARGH!

    Posted by Ith  on  07/11  at  10:06 PM  from 
  3. Well, it’s not so much that they ask for specifics as that they make it clear that they think that this coming baby is a mistake and I get all flustered and over-explain.  Which isn’t really any less rude, now that I think about it.  In fact, it might be worse.

    I don’t know what’s happened to common courtesy, but I don’t like it.  People are way, way too far up in each others’ business lately.

    Posted by Deb  on  07/12  at  01:13 AM  from 
  4. I was still dealing with post c-section pain when people started asking when we’d have the second child. Good grief, people! It’s not possible to get preggers quite that quickly, thanks.

    Posted by jen  on  07/12  at  04:49 PM  from  Northern Virginia
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