Only 64?

My uncle, David Bryant Ellis, would have been 64 today.  Assuming my year of birth data is accurate, anyway.  That means he was but ten years older than my oldest brother, the same gulf between me and my youngest brother.  Talk about generational blurring.

He has been gone now for many years, and even though I knew he was markedly younger than my father, he was very “old” by the time he died.  It was unsurprising almost the way it would be for an octogenarian.

David was amazingly talented at drawing.  I see Sadie’s distinctive drawing and think of him.  He loved science fiction and comics, but mainly of the darker variety.  The glum SF for which the sixties were known was just his thing.  I remember him when I read something he might have enjoyed, or wonder what he’d have thought of something in the genre.

Funny how you can miss someone with whom you had such limited contact.

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  1. You are correct on his birthday.  He passed on June 25, 2001… just a few days after his 57th birthday.

    He wasn’t just talented in drawing either… he had a knack for detailed wood carvings and unusual experiments in electronics. (Like the hand held bug zapper where you had to catch the bug first, then ... well you get the picture.)
    He once told me a story of how he wrote a silly message on a confetti streamer, super-glued it to the back end of a fly, and let it loose in Mr. Randall’s math class as if it were an airplane sky-writer.  I had the same teacher years later and he confirmed the story.  LOL!

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