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I have to run stuff to the post office, as people have been cleaning Deb out.  Like 1/3 of the Etsy shop and several items from the book shop, and there was only one order ready to ship before the post office closed yesterday.  I’m looking at 7 first class or priority packages, and packing slips for a couple more.

That’s first, because it’s about prompt shipping for which the shops have become known.

Then I need to do thank you e-mails.  Lots of thank you e-mails.  Sometime in the next day, I figure.  We’re just… astonished.

I also need to do my planned “hire us” item on the sidebar, which would have been better done before yesterday’s post went up.  I didn’t ask for anyone to link it, and have no idea how the heaviest of hitters knew about it almost as soon as it was posted.  So I didn’t expect anywhere near the traffic or response.

I have an American Idol post to write.

Maybe not today, but very soon there will be an edition of CotC.  While I may still call it a fundraising edition, and if that catches a few more people who’ve appreciated or are attached to it then great, the impetus now is that so many people donated here and mentioned CotC in conjunction.  Plus I’m going to burst if I don’t do something soon with all the links I personally have been accumulating, let alone whatever is in the mailbox I haven’t looked at lately.

It’s a good day to put the resume and/or work solicitations in more places.

I need to look at some information worth knowing in advance of a likely phone screening for the far away support job possibility.  No matter how massive your background, it seems there’s always a “really like you to know...” that you don’t, or have not even heard of.

Okay, off I go.  Just wanted to fix this stuff in my mind and put forth what’s up, for the curious, as something besides birthdays.

Oh yeah!  Need to post about Henry aging a few months yesterday, and how cool that was.

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  1. If you need any additional personal references, you can add me to the list smile

    Posted by Ith  on  04/16  at  09:56 PM  from 
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