Obligatory Post for the Day

Seems weird to get this far into the day with nothing here.

I did one of my reposts, this from April 2004, over at Bizosphere: Introversion As Business Challenge.

That follows the previous reposts Partners, Friends, And Uncommon Goals and Business Lessons From Gilmore Girls.  I’m also thinking about finding and reposting my drumbeat of posts over the years about the housing bubble.

I should post some kid pictures.  even without some of the exceptional ones I know haven’t come off the camera yet, there are plenty.  Then again, I think we’re obligated by Parenting Law to give Henry the full third child treatment, so he’s lucky to be in any pictures, let alone have them shown off to the world.

Okay, back to work.  I think we have this weeks imperatives and well into next week’s covered without selling the dead cars yet, but I should post those.

Also need to start supper.  Well, should have a couple hours ago, come to think of it, as I was thinking crockpot, but 3 hours is not enough for that.  Hmmm.  Perhaps instead of beef we’ll have chicken brocolli alfredo.  Main thing is not to run the oven, as it’s hot and steamy from being 60 degrees out.

I need to work on CotC, beyond merely having screened the entries.  I need to continue Val’s story, though at least that’s percolating in the back of my mind.  I need to start on the tax stuff.  I need to work on the resume variants I have in mind.  Being underemployed is no barrier to being thoroughly occupied.

Looks like my brother will be staying with us Wednesday night after he flies in from Ohio and drives down from New Hampshire.  That’s always cool.  He makes it tempting to move to Ohio, or nearby in Kentucky or Indiana.

Okay, back to whatever…

Posted by on 02/18 at 07:50 PM
  1. Indianapolis was recently rated one of the lowest cost places to live, And seems like a nice area.

    Posted by Wayne  on  02/18  at  09:48 PM  from  Ohio
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