No Surprise Here

Via dubious Glenn, something that shouldn’t surprise anyone, but will, despite the evolutionary advantages, over regularly bordering on starvation, of being adequately fed and having reserves:

The most surprising finding was that being overweight but not obese was associated only with excess mortality from diabetes and kidney disease—not from cancer or heart disease. Moreover, the researchers found an apparent protective effect against all other causes of death, such as tuberculosis, emphysema, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s disease and injuries. An association between excess weight and nearly 16,000 deaths from diabetes and kidney disease was overshadowed by a reduction of as many as 133,000 deaths from all other deaths unrelated to cancer or heart disease. Even moderately obese people appeared less likely to die of those causes.

This comes right on the heels of Deb telling me last night about an apparent association between being a long-lived species and our tendency to gain 20 lbs between 20 and 50 years old.

It also fits with how prematurely old-aged many people appear after dramatically losing and keeping off weight.  There’s being careful and backing off from obesity, but then there’s artificially thin to the point of making yourself frail.

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